Featured in Allure Magazine!

Allure Magazine has been one of my absolute favorite magazines for years, so to open it up and see one of my products featured in the March, 2017 issue, is a DREAM. COME. TRUE.  The product that was named one of the editors' favorites is Oak & Ashland's floral-infused LOVE + LAVENDER body oil. Real flowers are infused into a blend of nourishing oil and then topped off with wild and French lavender essential oil.  It is then packaged in a beautifully cut glass vessel that is made out of recycled glass.  LOVE + LAVENDER is extremely versatile and can even be used on pulse points as an all-natural perfume.

LOVE + LAVENDER pictured bottom right.

So how exactly did Allure find me?  I had absolutely no connection (I do all of my own marketing, social media and P.R.), but this didn't stop me from setting my sights high!  I decided to contact them myself and ended up sending them a box full of a few of my favorite products. I had no idea who the editor was, but the box somehow made it into her hands. About 3 weeks later I was contacted by the senior beauty editor saying how much they loved my body oil and that they wanted to feature me in an upcoming issue. I think I must have read that email 3 times until it really sunk in! I was in SHOCK. They are literally sent hundreds of products each week to sample, so I was absolutely blown away that my bottle of body oil stood out. 

Find out more about LOVE + LAVENDER here.


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